An Autonomous Institution affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University (AISHE ID: C-36540)

Research Policy / Regulations

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This Research Policy forms the basics of the research ethics of the college and is implemented in all the departments and it serve as the guidelines for the functioning of the Research council of the college. Research is the foundation of knowledge that brings new energy, builds state of the art facilities, promotes research publications, develops collaborations and becomes part of active community that shares the mission objectives. Taking these into considerations, The Madura College (Autonomous), framed and implemented its Research Policy.

Research Committee

  • Dean (P & D)
  • Dr.R.Eswaran, Assistant Professor of Zoology
  • Dr.N.Rathinakumar, Assistant Professor of Tamil
  • Dr.A.Chandrabose, Assistant Professor of English
  • Dr.C.Selvakumar, Assistant Professor of Zoology
  • Dr.V.Ananthaswamy, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr.M.Boominathan, Assistant Professor of Chemistry