An Autonomous Institution affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University (AISHE ID: C-36540) | A few seats are available for M.A. Tamil, M.A. English and M.Sc. Botany in aided stream. Applications can be obtained for the above programmes from the college office.

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Major Dr.K.M.Rajasekaran M.Sc.,M.Phil.,FIAT.,Ph.D., Director(SF)


I have joined in our college in July 1985 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Botany. Participated in all events of our College since my appointment. In 1990, I took in-charge of NCC Officer and attended NCC training at Kamptee, Nagpur, and attained the Commission. After 25 years I have retired from NCC after attained the highest rank as Honorary Major in the year 2016.

I have also worked as a Controller of Examination in our College. In the academic field, after 14 years, I have given the post of Head in the Department of Botany in the year 2009. My field of specialization is Taxonomy and Biodiversity. In 2015, I have been selected as a Fellow in Indian Angiosperm Taxonomy - FIAT. I am an Athlete, University Hockey Player, and qualified Cricket Umpire in TNCA.

Our Magnanimous Management appointed me as a Principal in our prestigious institution in 2016. In May 31st 2016 I have been retired from the service, after 31 years. Our Management is kind enough and appointed me as a Director in the Self Financed Wing. Till now, I am working as a Director in the Self Financed Wing of our College with more support and encouragement from our Principal and our munificent Management.

Director's Message

Let me begin this wonderful session enthusiastically appreciating your complete involvement and immeasurable zeal in attending online classes. I would like to share an important message today. During these critical times of lock-down, we need to go an extra mile in terms of online teaching platform. The online platform has changed the work nature and schedule of teaching fraternity and thus it is mandate to co-operate with them for best results. With too much of technology, the academicians are trying to cope with the new era of teaching-learning experience.

The expertise of the dedicated professors and their sincere efforts in teaching each subject are to be widely appreciated. As the success depends upon students’ attendance, I expect 100% attendance in all online class sessions in all subjects.

Since good beginning is half-done, I hope in the coming days, the students will take online classes seriously and utilize the opportunity optimally. My sincere advice to all of you is that one should find true happiness and mental relaxation only in the work he/she does. The secret for success at this juncture would be ‘Love what you do”.

As the saying goes “The journey of thousand miles begins from a small first step”, this academic year demands great determination, positive attitude and open mind to face all types of academic challenges on our way. This is an attractive opportunity that being at home and at ease, the students can sharpen and mould their communication skills through their active and enthusiastic participation in online forum. Since 80% of knowledge could be accumulated by listening skill only, I expect you all to listen online classes attentively. I caution you all not to get disheartened and br hopeful.

Soon, we shall begin traditional method of teaching in the college campus and bring liveliness in the class rooms. Let us all be optimistic. Be aware of the axiom: “All is not lost, still we all got the unconquerable will power to do anything”. Our learned professors will share with you the new OBE (Outcome Based Education) methodology of developing various types of knowledge level skill such as K1, K2, K3, K4, K5 and the method of answering the questions in the approaching first internal test.

Since, reading moulds a person’s personality development, cultivate the habit of voracious reading. Try to enrich your vocabulary power in English so as to develop your effective communication skill. I quote, “The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep”. Let us take a pledge to make this academic year a grand success. May God bless you all!!!

Major Dr.K.M.Rajasekaran

Succession of Directors

1 Sri.P.Ramachandran 1983 – 1990
2 Sri.S.Alwan 1990 – 1991
3 Sri.P.Ramachandran 1991 – 1992
4 Sri.N.Sankarasubramanian 1992 – 1994
5 Sri.N.S.Rengarajan 1994 – 1999
6 Sri.P.Sankaran 1999 – 2000
7 Dr.K.Venkataraman 2000 – 2001
8 Sri.P.Ramachandran 2001 – 2013
9 Sri.V.Sambasivan 2013 – 2016
10 Major.Dr.K.M.Rajasekaran 2016 –