An Autonomous Institution affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University (AISHE ID: C-36540) | A few seats are available for M.A. Tamil, M.A. English and M.Sc. Botany in aided stream. Applications can be obtained for the above programmes from the college office.


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2021 Flood lit synthetic tennis courts were opened and The Madura College Tennis Academy was inaugurated

Add-On Course on “Life Skills” was introduced by the Department of English for all III UG B. Sc., and B. Com students

Introduction of OBE pattern for all PG programmes

2020Introduction of OBE pattern for all UG courses, Launch of Fourth Section of B.Com. programme

2019 Introduction of M.Sc. Statistics and M.Com. programmes under Aided Stream, Upgradation of the Department of Mathematics as a Research Centre of MKU, Construction of a new Power Room and First floor of Duraisamy Block

2018 Upgradation of the Department of Chemistry as a Research Center of MKU, Introduction of the programmes B.Com. (Captial Markets), M.Sc. Mathematics, M.Phil. Biology and M.Phil. Chemistry under SF stream

2018 Extension of Autonomous Status up to 2021, Implementation of Cloud Based IMS in Examination Section and Admission process, Construction of Diamond Jubilee Block (DJ Block) with 10 classrooms and 3 Laboratories, Renovation of New Seminar Hall

2017 Accredited (Third Cycle) with ‘A’ grade by NAAC, Automation of Examination Section by ROVAN Examination Management System, Introduction of B.Com. (Banking and Insurance), B.Sc. Microbiology,B.Sc. Statistics under SF stream, Upgradation of Library with e-learning centre along with wi-fi enabled audio video and Computer Software, Digitalization of Controller of Examination Office, Establishment of two new Playgrounds

2013Introduction of B.Com. (Professional Accounting) under SF stream

2012Intoduction of B.A. Tamil, B.A. English, and M.Phil. Commerce programmes under Self-Financing stream

2011Introduction of M.Phil. programmes in Mathematics and Economics under SF stream

2010Accredited (2nd Cycle) with ‘A’ grade by NAAC, Upgradation of the Department of Economics as a Research Centre of MKU

2009Extension of Autonomous status 2014

2008Choice Based Credit System introduced
Intoduction of B.Sc. Information Technology, B.Sc. Bio. Technology and M.Phil. Physics programmes under Self-Financing stream

2004Upgradation of the Department of Physics as a Research centre of MKU
Intoduction of M.Phil. Tamil programme under Self-Financing stream

2003Upgradation of the Department of Botany as a Research centre of MKU
Intoduction of B.A. Economics programme under Self-Financing stream

2002Accredited (1st Cycle) with ‘B++’ grade by NAAC

2001Upgradation of the Department of Tamil as a Research centre of MKU

1997College started admitting girl students in Under Graduate Programmes
Intoduction of B.Sc. Mathematics programme under Self-Financing stream

1996Intoduction of M.Sc. Microbiology programme under Self-Financing stream

1994Research center of Zoology established

Intoduction of B.Sc. Physics programme under Self-Financing stream

1993M.Phil. English introduced in Aided Stream

1992Intoduction of B.Sc. Computer Science and M.Sc. Computer Science programmes under Self-Financing stream

1989M.A. Tamil introduced in Aided Stream

1988M.A. English and M.A, Economics introduced in Aided Stream

1987B.Sc. Computer Science introduced in AidedStream

1986Intoduction of M.Sc. Physics degree programme under Self-Financing stream

1984M.Sc. Botany introduced in Aided stream

1983Started Self-Financing stream

Intoduction of B.Com. degree programme under Self-Financing stream

1978Autonomous status was conferred by University Grants Commission in the very first batch

1964B.Sc. Zoology introduced in Aided Stream

1959M.Sc. Chemistry and B.Sc. Chemistry introduced in Aided Stream

1958M.Sc. Physics and M.Sc. Mathematics introduced in Aided Stream

1957B.Sc. Mathematics introduced in Aided Stream

1953B.Sc. Botany introduced in Aided Stream

1950The College Celebrated its Diamond Jubilee and the Diamond Jubilee Hostel Block came up

1949Harvey Library came up with a donation of Rs. 1 lakh from The Madura Mills Co. Ltd., Setupati Science Block came up with the support of the Rajasaheb of Ramnad, Khajana Banu Raoo Hostel Block was constructed with financial support from his family.

1948B.Sc. Physics introduced in Aided Stream

1947B.Com introduced in Aided Stream, T.V.S. Hostel came into existence with a donation of RS. 1 lakh from M/S T.V.Sundaram Iyengar and Sons. Pvt. Ltd

1946The College regained its First-grade status (lost in 1939 CE due to lack of funds for endowments) after door to door fund raising

1941The P.M.SanakaraIyer Hall came up

1937The College moved to the present campus of 43 acres (5 acre at the bequest of Robert S. Fischer and the rest donated by Raja Sir. Annamalai Chettiar

1925The College became a First-Grade college

1906A section for girls was opened in the Town primary school

1905The Committee registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1882 under the nomenclature ‘The Madura College Board’

1903The Committee took over the administration of Setupathi High School and Town primary School

1889The School and the College were taken over by the Madura Native High School Committee renamed as Madura College Committee

1880A college department was added to the Zilla School

1856Zilla School started by the Government in 1856 as an outcome on Macaulay’s dispatch of 1854 on Education