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The Madura College is among the pioneering Autonomous institutions to have a distinctive focus on research in addition to core Academics. A total of 9 departments (Aided) out of 11 eligible departments are recognized as research centres by the affiliating university. A total of 53 faculty of our college are recognized as Research Supervisors by Madurai Kamaraj University. A total number of 70 research scholars enrolled during 2017-22. The number of funded research projects and the quantity of publications imply research impetus in the institution.

Research Committee

The Research Committee has been set up with the principal as the chairperson. Members to the committee are nominated by the principal on the basis of their contribution to research. The committee meets at least twice in a year,

  • To suggest amendments to the existing research policy.
  • To take cognizance of the research activities of the college.
  • To suggest ways of improving the quality of research in the college.
  • To organize programmes for faculty and Research scholars on themes like research ethics, research methodology, modern tools for research and other topics as deemed fit by the committee.
  • To suggest new schemes / implement existing schemes approved by a competent authority related to promotion of research in the college.
  • To recommend teachers / proposals for schemes / awards / prizes of the college.

Research Policy

A comprehensive policy for promotion of research has been drafted by the Research Committee, hereafter referred to as the research policy. The research policy of the college has been placed in and approved by the governing body of the college. The research policy is the guiding document on all aspects related to research in the college.

Research facilities

Mobilization of funds for research facilities has been primarily through funded research projects. In addition, research facilities have also been established through funds received from DST-FIST and UGC-Autonomy grant. Computational facilities with necessary software has been provided to all departments with Fiber optic internet connectivity. The College has subscribed to N-LIST and DELNET to provide access to scholarly articles and e-book access to Faculty members, PG students and research scholars.

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1Physical facilities for promotion of Research
2Access to E-resources (Scholarly articles and e-books) for Research scholars and Teachers
3Schemes for Teachers/Scholars to promote Research
4Conduct of Workshops/Seminars for Teachers and Research scholars on Research Methodology, Research Funding Agency, Research proposal Writing, plagiarism etc. and seminars on various current research topics